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Python(Anaconda) script to build Mingw-w64 cross-toolchain
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Python(Anaconda) script to build Mingw-w64 cross-toolchain

What it does

To build 32bit and 64bit non-multilib STATIC Mingw-w64 toolchain in a bash-like environment


  • Automatically looks for latest component versions (Not Hard-Coded) if not specified
  • Preferred version string, e.g. "7.1.0", for GCC, Binutils and Mingw-w64 can be set on commandline
  • Choosable from SJLJ and DW2 exception handling for win32 build from commandline
  • Working Folder(aka. Sandbox) can be set on commandline. Meaning this script can be placed anywhere
  • Clean terminal output. ONLY in case of error, outputs are logged into files in components' build folder
  • Only use FTP and HTTP downloads, no need of wget or git or svn
  • multi-threaded download (2 by default)
  • Skip decompression if downloaded tarball has the same MD5 checksum
  • include pkgconf
  • Automatic benchmark record
  • Build-report generation (readme.txt)
  • Helper script generation for PATH and CC manipulation (,,
  • EASIER to comprehend and customize than a BASH Script


How to Use

Download this script to somewhere. The simplest use would be:


This would download and build inside a new folder named ~/MWTC.

Downloaded TAR balls would be inside ~/MWTC/dl

(Delete the dl folder to force re-download)

Extracted archives would be inside ~/MWTC/pkgs

(If the archive's MD5 has not been changed, decompression is skipped)

Build trees inside ~MWTC/build

(Can be safely deleted. Automatically deleted on rebuild)

Actual toolchains inside ~/MWTC/mingw-w64-i686 and ~/MWTC/mingw-w64-x86_64

To change the sandbox to somewhere other than ~/MWTC use:

python3 --prefix="/your/sandbox"

To specify component versions, use:

python3 --prefix="/your/sandbox" --gcc="6.4.0"

If the version string is not found on repo, the latest version would be used. (based on version string)

After the thing successfully built, you may:

cd ~/MWTC

To start using the 64bit Mingw toolchain

Test compile with:

$CXX std=c++14 compiler-test.cpp -o /mnt/c/compiler-test64.exe

and run compiler-test64.exe from Windows. Check if multiple CPU cores have increased activity.



to restore PATH when done

Potential Issues

  • Only tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and Win10 WSL(Creators Update)
  • DO NOT USE Sandbox path with SPACE and CJK characters in it (not tested)
  • Dirty Code (Yeah, refractoring welcome 😊 )
  • gendef and widl are not being built in current version (anyone need these?)
  • winpthreads is used as the default threading library (but C++ threading SHOULD works)
  • slow on WSL (a problem of M$)


  • --help print the help text
  • --prefix="~/MWTC" set the sandbox folder
  • --sjlj Force win32 to use sjlj exception handling
  • --gcc="6.4.0" set the preferred GCC version. Use latest if not found
  • --binutils="99" set the preferred Binutils version. Use latest if not found
  • --mingw="99" set the preferred Mingw-w64 version. Use latest if not found

Contribution Guideline

  • Open up a new ISSUE prior MAJOR change!
  • TEST your code, i.e. BUILD Mingw-w64, and only submit Pull Request when it works right
  • Do not inculde python packages not bundled with Anaconda by default
  • Syntax standard: Python 3.6
  • Proper identation and newline. Avoid spaghetti code.
  • Do not expect fame or return
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