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The GetMaxcoinPrice Script is used to grab the price of Maxcoin from CoinMarketCap and tweets to a selected Twitter Account via Api Keys

The GetMaxcoinBlockInfo Script is used to grab some api data of Maxcoin from and tweets to twitter

Setting up the Dependencies

sudo pip install twython

Setting up Coinmarketcap Python Module

sudo git clone

Change Directory into coinmarketcap-api

cd coinmarketcap-api

Setting up the module

sudo python build
sudo python install

If you dont have pip installed then

sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install twython

Downloading the Python Scripts

sudo git clone
cd Maxcoin-Python-Twitter-Bots/

You will need to go into both python scripts and add your twitter api keys

Here is a link to a good blog on learning the basics of Twython and twitter bot development.

Once you have added the api keys to the scripts

sudo python

sudo python
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