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import send_command
from rsa import PublicKey, encrypt
import time
import os
import json
import config
import hashlib
import re
import base64
def check_coin(obj, data):
{"address":<addr>, "hash":<hash>, "starter":starter}
check = config.db.find("coins", {"hash":data['hash']})
if check:
print "Coin already exists."
check_addr = config.nodes.find("nodes", {"address":data['address']})
difficulty = config.db.find("coins", "all")
if not difficulty:
difficulty = []
difficulty = len(difficulty)/50500 + 7
if difficulty < 7:
difficulty = 7
if check_addr:
c = check_addr[0]
if len(data['hash']) == 128:
if hashlib.sha512(str(data['starter'])).hexdigest() == data['hash'] and data['hash'].startswith("1"*int(difficulty)):
key = re.findall("([0-9]*)", c['public'])
key = filter(None, key)
key = PublicKey(int(key[0]), int(key[1]))
data['plain'] = data['starter']
data['starter'] = base64.b64encode(encrypt(str(data['starter']), key))
obj.send(json.dumps({"response":"Coin Confirmed!"}))
while os.path.exists("db.lock"):
open("db.lock", 'w').close()
config.db.insert("coins", {"starter":data['starter'], "hash":data['hash'], "address":data['address'], "difficulty":difficulty})
print "Invalid Coin!"
print "Hash not long enough"
print "Addr invalid."
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