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import config
import json
from rsa import *
import base64
import re
import hashlib
import os
import time
import send_command
import hashlib
import uuid
def send(address, amount):
{"cmd":"send_coin", "for":<address>, "hash":<hash>, "starter":<encrypted new one>}
amount = int(amount)
check = config.nodes.find("nodes", {"address":address})
if not check:
print "Address does not exist"
check = check[0]
my_key = config.wallet.find("data", "all")[0]
my_address = my_key['address']
my_key = my_key['private']
key = check['public']
key = re.findall("([0-9]*)", key)
key = filter(None, key)
key = PublicKey(int(key[0]), int(key[1]))
my_key = re.findall("([0-9]*)", my_key)
my_key = filter(None, my_key)
my_key = PrivateKey(int(my_key[0]), int(my_key[1]), int(my_key[2]), int(my_key[3]), int(my_key[4]))
cc = config.db.find("coins", {"address":my_address})
if len(cc) < amount:
print "You have insufficient funds."
cc = cc[:amount]
transactionid = uuid.uuid4().hex
sent_ = 0
for x in cc:
starter, hash_ = x['starter'], x['hash']
starter = base64.b64encode(encrypt(decrypt(base64.b64decode(starter), my_key), key))
out_s = {'cmd': 'send_coin',
'for': address,
'starter': starter,
'hash': hash_,
sent_ += 1
print str(sent_)+" coins sent to "+address
print "Coins sent!"
def send_coin(obj, data):
if not config.db.find("transactions", {"transid":data['transid']}):
config.db.insert("transactions", {"to":data['for'], "from":data['from'], "amount":data['amount_sent'], "transid":data['transid']})
while os.path.exists("db.lock"):
open("db.lock", 'w').close()
while os.path.exists("db.lock"):
open("db.lock", 'w').close()
check = config.db.find("coins", {"hash":data['hash']})
for x in check:
config.db.remove("coins", x)
config.db.insert("coins",{"address":data['for'], "starter":data['starter'], "hash":data['hash'], "difficulty":data['difficulty']})
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