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@@ -96,18 +96,6 @@ rebuilt with it and heard positive feedback on React itself, but we also see
a lot of complaints about its overreliance on JavaScript. Tokamak makes
architecture of React with its established patterns available to you in Swift.

_**Important:**_ Tokamak is relatively stable at this point, as in not having
any blocking or critical bugs that the maintainers are aware of. The core API of
`Component` and `Hooks` types is frozen, and there's a plenty of [standard
components](#standard-components) to start building useful apps on iOS. The
macOS/AppKit renderer has support for only the most basic components and
improving its feature parity with the iOS renderer is the top priority. If in
the future there's a breaking change that's absolutely needed, we aim to
deprecate old APIs in a source-compatible way and will introduce any
replacements gradually. It's important to note that source breaking
changes can't always be avoided, but they would be reflected with
appropriate version number change and migration guides.

Don't forget to check out [Tokamak community on
Spectrum]( and leave your feedback, comments and

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