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Centralized package index for SwiftPM.

The idea behind swift-index is that even centralized indices can be decentralized. This repo is a prototype of a swift-index compatible server. All it does is translating other centralized search APIs (CocoaPods, Swift Package Catalog, SwiftModules) into a swift-index form. The idea is to create thin frontends to more package indices out there. Then, users would opt-in to particular centralized indices in their Package.swift manifest file (not yet implemented) and SwiftPM would only need to understand communication with a swift-index compatible server (whoever maintains it).

(This is a WIP prototype only created to start a conversation around a centralized package index for SwiftPM. You're welcome to comment and hack away.)


This prototype server is running on, and so far only searching for packages with a specific keyword works, like




        "description": "Swift implementation of JSON Web Token (JWT).",
        "name": "JSONWebToken.swift",
        "origin": "",
        "sourceIndex": "Swift Package Catalog",
        "version": ""
        "description": "JSON (RFC 7159)",
        "name": "JSON",
        "origin": "",
        "sourceIndex": "Swift Modules",
        "version": ""
        "description": "Magical Data Modelling Framework for JSON. Create rapidly powerful, atomic and smart data model classes.",
        "name": "JSONModel",
        "origin": "",
        "sourceIndex": "CocoaPods",
        "version": "1.2.0"

Source Package Indices

Technology Stack

This server is written in Swift, powered by Vapor and the prototype runs on Heroku.

💙 Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

💝 Contributing

Please create an issue with a description of your problem or a pull request with a fix.

✌️ License


👽 Author

Honza Dvorsky -, @czechboy0