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Navigate through your TiddlyWiki5 with your keyboard: jump to next/previous tiddler, edit, close, and more.

Any actions that can be performed by the view toolbar buttons can be performed with keybinds using this plugin.


Check this demonstration of tw-keyboard-navigation! You can integrate tw5-keyboard-navigation by dragging the plugin tiddler from the demo page into your TiddlyWiki.

How to use

Press Esc to unfocus the sidebar search field. Then you can jump to the next or previous open tiddler in the story river by pressing j or k, respectively. Press e if you want to edit the current tiddler. Press Ctrl+Return when you're done (as usual). c is for closing a tiddler. m opens the "more tiddler actions" menu.

When you search your TiddlyWiki (Ctrl+Shift+f by default), just press Return to open or Tab to focus the first match (without this plugin you have to press Tab four times). UPDATE: Since TW 5.1.23 you can focus the first match with the down arrow key (without this plugin).

Esc also closes the search result popup window or "more tiddler actions" menu.

Adding / Changing keybinds

You can bind keys to any of the tiddler buttons (permalink, export, fold, info, etc). Here is how you do it:

  1. Install this plugin
  2. Refresh and find it in your Plugins tab in ControlPanel
  3. Open the tiddler keyboard-navigation.js
  4. Near the top just edit the bindings variable for more functionality, or the navigate_up_key and navigate_down_key to change the keys used for navigation

Note on button functionality

Your keybinds will only work when you have the corresponding buttons enabled in AppearanceToolbarsView Toolbar. Otherwise, you have to press first m for opening the "More actions" dropdown menu and then, with the close button visible, c for closing the tiddler (for example).

This is because this functionality works by using the DOM elements (the toolbar buttons), so if you remove them, they can't be "clicked" by this plugin.


Navigate through your TiddlyWiki5 with your keyboard: jump to next/previous tiddler, edit or close tiddler






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