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@MaxHillebrand MaxHillebrand released this 29 Jun 20:02

This is the second version of the thesis, after the second round of peer review and is the final version the University. I thank Professor Kaltenhäuser and many others in advance for their valuable and critical feedback of this third round of peer review.

This release contains three files.

  • The version 2 thesis pdf document with SHA256 e3c874c63600cc9cc476d320888b38e21e186d6c3d598a9801ecf3467a5baa0d
  • The Declaraion of Honor txt file that commits to the author, license, SHA256 of the v2 pdf, recent Bitcoin block hight 583035 and hash 00000000000000000005f9d1f93a39fa5528cf54735dbd29c87b42b7dcb2574b. This is signed by my GPG key E9005F66A86BB816BD7D967EBEDCD95C42AC3C57.
  • A ots file that contains the Open Time Stamp Proof of the Declaratino of Honor signed txt file.