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Crowdsource everyday decisions. Anonymously and in real-time.

Which sweater should I buy? How much should I pay for this shirt? What's a good name for this dog?

Ask an everyday question on Exameno and get immediate crowd response within minutes.

Why would I get good responses ouf of this? Because large, diverse crowds can outperforms individuals, even experts. Read "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki to learn more.

Like: what's a good name for this dog? A: John B: Joe This is a multiple choice question.

Or: How much should I pay for this sweater? From $10 to $200. This is an estimation question.

Attach photos to your questions to get better answers.

Exameno is 100% anonymous, no sign-in is required and no personal data is recorded. (Well, unless you add personal data to your question. Or a photo of a person. That's up to you.)

The fine print: use common sense. Don't make far-reaching life decisions based Exameno. If you're in serious trouble, seek professional help. Racist, pornographic, criminal or otherwise inappropriate content will not be tolerated on Exameno.


Vicelight http://doejo.com/blog/introducing-vicelight-an-app-to-crowd-source-daily-decision-making/#.U7m-BPnIYtA

Vich One http://www.vichone.com

The both ask your friends. The idea of Exameno is to ask a diverse, anonymous crowd instead.