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Short readme for adstream.views modules

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+Prototype/proof of concept for a library of interactive components (widgets, controls) with a markup-based declarative API.
+* `_base.js`: base class for scope objects used by the composite widget facility and helper functions.
+* `CHT/composite.cht`: composite widget facility -- builds a single widget from multiple controller mix-ins, manages scope
+objects shared between template and controller code, automates repeated rendering of widget content via its `View` template.
+* `form.js', `CHT/form.cht`: the form infrastructure -- supports automatic creation of backup copy for the target data
+object, manages form-level validation.
+* `pushButton.js`, `CHT/pushButton.cht`: the simplest possible control; still supports declarative mix-ins.
+* `change.js`, `CHT/change.cht`: mix-ins for updating the view based on changes in the form data propagated by other controls.
+* `validate.js`, `CHT/validate.js`: validator mix-ins that can be used with any control tied to its data object using the slot abstraction.
+* `watch.js`, `CHT/watch.js`: set watchers on `` sources from CHT code and update views automatically. As yet untested.

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