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Replaced a self-contained script with a weird collection of files and

directories that nevertheless seems to work. Dojo build is still a mystery.
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@@ -2,15 +2,13 @@ collect.js is a simple script that extracts all localizable strings from a
CHT file and prints them as a JSON object that can be edited to create a
correct NLS bundle for this CHT module.
-Usage: node release/collect.js FileName.cht >NLSFileName.js
+Usage: (*) unpack in place
+ node release/dojo/collect.js FileName.cht >NLSFileName.js
Note that results are always directed to standard output.
In order to build release/collect.js script from the source:
-1. Download the trunk version of Dojo from
-2. Change directory to util/buildscripts of Dojo trunk
-3. Run "./ --release --profile <<Path to collect.profile.js>>
-4. Copy or move release/dojo/dojo/dojo.js from Dojo trunk directory to
- release/collect.js in this directory.
+(*) Don't even try if you value your sanity :( Dojo build framework does not
+ seem capable of producing builds for Node.js in a straightforward manner.
+ I am despaired of seeing this issue resolved in my lifetime.

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