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Implement XD transport based on JSONPI: yes Virginia, it is possible! #3

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Use JSONPI approach as outlined by Ben Vinegar on TxJS 2011 to implement limited XD capability:

Sendng request:

document.domain = ""; // Have to be on or won't work!

(iframe name="jsonpi_target")

(form target="jsonpi_target" method="{desired HTTP verb}" action="{XD-url on}")
  (input type="hidden" name="body" value="{PUT or POST body}")

Sending response:

  document.domain = ""; // Have to be on or won't work!
  getJSONPICallback( key_url_params, window.parent )( {Response body} );

Optimally, the implementation should use a Dojo transport for JSONPI which is yet to be implemented...

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