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git-gui: Fix semi-working shortcuts for unstage and revert

Make Ctrl+U for unstaging and Ctrl+J for reverting selection behave
more like Ctrl+T for adding.

They were working only when one area was focused (diff or commit message),
now they should work everywhere.

Acked-by: Bert Wesarg <>
Signed-off-by: Vitaly _Vi Shukela <>
Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <>
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1 parent 272b929 commit 44e88ce07838fd20d7187d3031916095ce823255 @vi vi committed with patthoyts Sep 14, 2012
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@@ -3715,6 +3715,8 @@ bind $ui_diff <$M1B-Key-v> {break}
bind $ui_diff <$M1B-Key-V> {break}
bind $ui_diff <$M1B-Key-a> {%W tag add sel 0.0 end;break}
bind $ui_diff <$M1B-Key-A> {%W tag add sel 0.0 end;break}
+bind $ui_diff <$M1B-Key-j> {do_revert_selection;break}
+bind $ui_diff <$M1B-Key-J> {do_revert_selection;break}
bind $ui_diff <Key-Up> {catch {%W yview scroll -1 units};break}
bind $ui_diff <Key-Down> {catch {%W yview scroll 1 units};break}
bind $ui_diff <Key-Left> {catch {%W xview scroll -1 units};break}
@@ -3747,6 +3749,8 @@ bind . <$M1B-Key-s> do_signoff
bind . <$M1B-Key-S> do_signoff
bind . <$M1B-Key-t> do_add_selection
bind . <$M1B-Key-T> do_add_selection
+bind . <$M1B-Key-u> do_unstage_selection
+bind . <$M1B-Key-U> do_unstage_selection
bind . <$M1B-Key-j> do_revert_selection
bind . <$M1B-Key-J> do_revert_selection
bind . <$M1B-Key-i> do_add_all

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