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-include config.mk
BUILDTYPE ?= Release
PYTHON ?= python
# BUILDTYPE=Debug builds both release and debug builds. If you want to compile
# just the debug build, run `make -C out BUILDTYPE=Debug` instead.
ifeq ($(BUILDTYPE),Release)
all: out/Makefile node
all: out/Makefile node node_g
# The .PHONY is needed to ensure that we recursively use the out/Makefile
# to check for changes.
.PHONY: node node_g
node: config.gypi
$(MAKE) -C out BUILDTYPE=Release
ln -fs out/Release/node node
node_g: config.gypi
$(MAKE) -C out BUILDTYPE=Debug
ln -fs out/Debug/node node_g
config.gypi: configure
$(MAKE) -C out BUILDTYPE=Debug
out/Makefile: common.gypi deps/uv/uv.gyp deps/http_parser/http_parser.gyp deps/zlib/zlib.gyp deps/v8/build/common.gypi deps/v8/tools/gyp/v8.gyp node.gyp config.gypi
tools/gyp_node -f make
install: all
out/Release/node tools/installer.js install $(DESTDIR)
out/Release/node tools/installer.js uninstall
-rm -rf out/Makefile node node_g out/$(BUILDTYPE)/node blog.html email.md
-find out/ -name '*.o' -o -name '*.a' | xargs rm -rf
-rm -rf node_modules
-rm -rf out
-rm -f config.gypi
-rm -f config.mk
-rm -rf node node_g blog.html email.md
-rm -rf node_modules
test: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=release simple message
PYTHONPATH=tools/closure_linter/ $(PYTHON) tools/closure_linter/closure_linter/gjslint.py --unix_mode --strict --nojsdoc -r lib/ -r src/ --exclude_files lib/punycode.js
test-http1: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=release --use-http1 simple message
test-valgrind: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=release --valgrind simple message
@if [ ! -f node ]; then make all; fi
@if [ ! -d node_modules ]; then mkdir -p node_modules; fi
./node deps/npm/bin/npm-cli.js install weak \
--prefix="$(shell pwd)" --unsafe-perm # go ahead and run as root.
test-gc: all node_modules/weak
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=release gc
test-all: all node_modules/weak
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=debug,release
make test-npm
test-all-http1: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=debug,release --use-http1
test-all-valgrind: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=debug,release --valgrind
test-release: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=release
test-debug: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py --mode=debug
test-message: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py message
test-simple: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py simple
test-pummel: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py pummel
test-internet: all
$(PYTHON) tools/test.py internet
test-npm: node
./node deps/npm/test/run.js
test-npm-publish: node
npm_package_config_publishtest=true ./node deps/npm/test/run.js
apidoc_sources = $(wildcard doc/api/*.markdown)
apidocs = $(addprefix out/,$(apidoc_sources:.markdown=.html)) \
$(addprefix out/,$(apidoc_sources:.markdown=.json))
apidoc_dirs = out/doc out/doc/api/ out/doc/api/assets out/doc/about out/doc/community out/doc/logos out/doc/images
apiassets = $(subst api_assets,api/assets,$(addprefix out/,$(wildcard doc/api_assets/*)))
doc_images = $(addprefix out/,$(wildcard doc/images/* doc/*.jpg doc/*.png))
website_files = \
out/doc/index.html \
out/doc/v0.4_announcement.html \
out/doc/cla.html \
out/doc/sh_main.js \
out/doc/sh_javascript.min.js \
out/doc/sh_vim-dark.css \
out/doc/sh.css \
out/doc/favicon.ico \
out/doc/pipe.css \
out/doc/about/index.html \
out/doc/community/index.html \
out/doc/logos/index.html \
out/doc/changelog.html \
doc: program $(apidoc_dirs) $(website_files) $(apiassets) $(apidocs) tools/doc/
mkdir -p $@
out/doc/api/assets/%: doc/api_assets/% out/doc/api/assets/
cp $< $@
out/doc/changelog.html: ChangeLog doc/changelog-head.html doc/changelog-foot.html tools/build-changelog.sh
bash tools/build-changelog.sh
out/doc/%.html: doc/%.html
cat $< | sed -e 's|__VERSION__|'$(VERSION)'|g' > $@
out/doc/%: doc/%
cp -r $< $@
out/doc/api/%.json: doc/api/%.markdown
out/Release/node tools/doc/generate.js --format=json $< > $@
out/doc/api/%.html: doc/api/%.markdown
out/Release/node tools/doc/generate.js --format=html --template=doc/template.html $< > $@
email.md: ChangeLog tools/email-footer.md
bash tools/changelog-head.sh | sed 's|^\* #|* \\#|g' > $@
cat tools/email-footer.md | sed -e 's|__VERSION__|'$(VERSION)'|g' >> $@
blog.html: email.md
cat $< | ./node tools/doc/node_modules/.bin/marked > $@
website-upload: doc
rsync -r out/doc/ node@nodejs.org:~/web/nodejs.org/
ssh node@nodejs.org '\
rm -f ~/web/nodejs.org/dist/latest &&\
ln -s $(VERSION) ~/web/nodejs.org/dist/latest &&\
rm -f ~/web/nodejs.org/docs/latest &&\
ln -s $(VERSION) ~/web/nodejs.org/docs/latest &&\
rm -f ~/web/nodejs.org/dist/node-latest.tar.gz &&\
ln -s $(VERSION)/node-$(VERSION).tar.gz ~/web/nodejs.org/dist/node-latest.tar.gz'
docopen: out/doc/api/all.html
-google-chrome out/doc/api/all.html
-rm -rf out/doc
VERSION=v$(shell $(PYTHON) tools/getnodeversion.py)
dist: doc $(TARBALL) $(PKG)
pkg: $(PKG)
rm -rf $(PKGDIR)
rm -rf out/deps out/Release
./configure --prefix=$(PKGDIR)/32/usr/local --without-snapshot --dest-cpu=ia32
$(MAKE) install
rm -rf out/deps out/Release
./configure --prefix=$(PKGDIR)/usr/local --without-snapshot --dest-cpu=x64
$(MAKE) install
lipo $(PKGDIR)/32/usr/local/bin/node \
$(PKGDIR)/usr/local/bin/node \
-output $(PKGDIR)/usr/local/bin/node-universal \
mv $(PKGDIR)/usr/local/bin/node-universal $(PKGDIR)/usr/local/bin/node
rm -rf $(PKGDIR)/32
$(packagemaker) \
--id "org.nodejs.NodeJS-$(VERSION)" \
--doc tools/osx-pkg.pmdoc \
--out $(PKG)
$(TARBALL): node out/doc
@if [ $(shell ./node --version) = "$(VERSION)" ]; then \
exit 0; \
else \
echo "" >&2 ; \
echo "$(shell ./node --version) doesn't match $(VERSION)." >&2 ; \
echo "Did you remember to update src/node_version.cc?" >&2 ; \
echo "" >&2 ; \
exit 1 ; \
git archive --format=tar --prefix=$(TARNAME)/ HEAD | tar xf -
mkdir -p $(TARNAME)/doc
cp doc/node.1 $(TARNAME)/doc/node.1
cp -r out/doc/api $(TARNAME)/doc/api
rm -rf $(TARNAME)/deps/v8/test # too big
rm -rf $(TARNAME)/doc/images # too big
tar -cf $(TARNAME).tar $(TARNAME)
rm -rf $(TARNAME)
gzip -f -9 $(TARNAME).tar
dist-upload: $(TARBALL) $(PKG)
ssh node@nodejs.org mkdir -p web/nodejs.org/dist/$(VERSION)
scp $(TARBALL) node@nodejs.org:~/web/nodejs.org/dist/$(VERSION)/$(TARBALL)
scp $(PKG) node@nodejs.org:~/web/nodejs.org/dist/$(VERSION)/$(TARNAME).pkg
./node benchmark/idle_server.js &
sleep 1
./node benchmark/idle_clients.js &
PYTHONPATH=tools/closure_linter/ $(PYTHON) tools/closure_linter/closure_linter/gjslint.py --unix_mode --strict --nojsdoc -r lib/ -r src/ --exclude_files lib/punycode.js
@$(PYTHON) tools/cpplint.py $(wildcard src/*.cc src/*.h src/*.c)
lint: jslint cpplint
.PHONY: lint cpplint jslint bench clean docopen docclean doc dist distclean check uninstall install install-includes install-bin all program staticlib dynamiclib test test-all website-upload pkg