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Fix an issue with automount for Mac (/etc/fstab) The issue with permission.
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#Mac Automount permission issue fix. #

The permission issue.##

You may get some times an issue with permission with message: "The folder “Test” can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents." You can fix the issue with run the script

The usage

You can pass directoryies as parameters. It may be nessesary to delete ".DS_Store" in parent directory. ~/root ~/tmp ~/Movies


I created a script with my mount pount directory. Mac OSX runs the script after login and solve the issue if it is exist.

###The script will do:###

  1. disable wifi
  2. try to access mounted directory
  3. enable wifi
  4. try to access mounted directory

The mounted directory permission will be fixed.

##Setup automount instruction##

1) Create a directory where you are goint to mount network file system####

2) Edit config with:

	sudo nano /etc/fstab

3) Add a line in the file

YOUR_NAS:/YOUR_SHARE /Users/simon/Shares/Movies url auto,user,umask=775,url==afp://YOUR_LOGON:YOUR_PASS@YOUR_NAS/YOUR_SHARE 0 0

My Example: /Users/max/example url auto,user,umask=775,url==afp://user:password@ 0 0

4) reload config

sudo automount -vc

5. You will get a message like this

automount: /net updated
automount: /home updated
automount: /Users/max/example mounted
automount: no unmounts

Sources links:

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