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Max Semenchuk

Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer. Partner at 4IRE labs, co-organizer dGov’18. #Decentralization, #Holacracy, #Lean, #DAO.


Bohdan Malkevych

Full Stack Web (python, vue.js, nuxt), Blockchain (ethereum, solidity) & iOS Engineer. Developed tokenization platform iconx.


Anna Rose

Builder/Entrepreneur based in Berlin, co-host of @ZeroKnowledgefm Podcast, co-founder of @Videopath & @Conference-hunt, prev @paritytech on special projects, #blockchain #podcast #communication #media #video #AR #VR


James Hancock

Web strategy consultant, Project Lead, Multi-instrumentalist Composer. Studied Economics, Neuropsychology, Financial Theory, and Algorithms at Stanford.


Griff Green

Founder of Giveth and the WHG, community manager for The DAO and champion for decentralising all the things.


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