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RealPointCoin Wallet

Based on open source Coinomi Project.

Building the app

Install Android Studio. Once it is running, import coinomi-android by navigating to where you cloned or downloaded it and selecting settings.gradle. When it is finished importing, click on the SDK Manager SDK Manager. You will need to install SDK version 21.

Make sure that you have JDK 7 installed before building. You can get it [Here]( Once you have that installed, navigate to File > Project Structure > SDK Location and change the path of your current JDK to the path of the new JDK. **The project will not build with JDK 8**.
Once it is finished installing, you will need to enable developer options on your phone. To do so, go into settings, About Phone, locate your Build Number, and tap it 7 times, or until it says "You are now a Developer". Then, go back to the main Settings screen and scroll once again to the bottom. Select Developer options and enable USB Debugging.
Then plug your phone into your computer and hit the large green play button at the top of Android Studio. It will load for a moment before prompting you to select which device to install it on. Select your device from the list, and hit continue.

NOTE If you are attempting to build on a Lollipop emulator, please ensure that you are using Android 5..* armeabi-v7*. It will not build on an x86/x86_64 emulator.

Releasing the app

To release the app follow the steps.

  1. Change the following:
  • in strings.xml app_name string to "Coinomi" and app_package to com.coinomi.wallet
  • in build.gradle the package from "" to "com.coinomi.wallet"
  • in AndroidManifest.xml the android:icon to "ic_launcher" and all "" to "com.coinomi.wallet."
  • remove all ic_launcher_dev icons with rm wallet/src/main/res/drawable*/ic_launcher_dev.png
  • setup ACRA and ShapeShift
  1. Then in the Android Studio go to:
  • Build -> Clean Project and without waiting...
  • Build -> Generate Signed APK and generate a signed APK. ... and now you can grab yourself a nice cup of tea.
  1. Test this APK (TODO: with instrumentation tests).

For now test it manually by installing it adb install -r wallet/wallet-release.apk

This one is in the TODOs and must be automated because it will be here that you take a break ;)

  1. Upload to Play Store and check for any errors and if all OK publish in beta first.

  2. Create a GIT release commit:

  • Create a commit with the log entry similar to the description in the Play Store
  • Create a tag with the version of the released APK with git tag vX.Y.Z <commit-hash>