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Open source Android application on base of OpenVPN and VpnGate projects
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Easy VPN Free


Android application which lets you easily to connect to a number of free VPN server around the world with just a single tap!

The list of servers the application connect is VPN Gate Academic Experiment Project is an online service as an academic research at Graduate School of University of Tsukuba, Japan. The purpose of this research is to expand the knowledge of "Global Distributed Public VPN Relay Servers".


Easy VPN Free


The app is available оn Goole's Play Market Easy VPN Free Play Market

BUT If it is not available in your country (somehow...) you also can always find compiled binaries here all the versions

Why VPN Gate?

You can take these advantages by using VPN Gate:

  • It is about 8531 Public VPN Relay Servers by volunteers around the world.
  • You can disguise your IP address to hide your identity while surfing the Internet.
  • You can protect yourself by utilizing its strong encryption while using public Wi-Fi. Unlike traditional VPN services, VPN Gate can get through most firewalls. VPN Gate is free of charge. Not a single registration is required.


Free Software!

This application uses the following components; see the source code for full details on the licenses.

You can help

Even if you are not a programmer you can help by translating the Easy VPN Free client into your native language.

In-App purchases

The app does not have any ads. And now more. I added ads filtering function. It has 7 days trial and if you like it, you buy it. Should you support the project somehow, correct? :)

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