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Support: Android / iOS

This package provides a bottom tabbar for your react native app.


  1. Make sure that you have NativeBase installed
  2. npm install react-native-tabbar-bottom --save





Prop Type Options Default Info
type PropTypes.string "button", "ripple" "button"
rippleEffect PropTypes.bool true only for type === "ripple"
rippleColor PropTypes.string "green" only for type === "ripple"
rippleDuration PropTypes.number 280 only for type === "ripple"
tabbarBgColor PropTypes.string "#16394f"
tabbarBorderTopColor PropTypes.string null
iconColor PropTypes.string "#ccc"
selectedIconColor PropTypes.string "#fff"
labelSize PropTypes.number 12
labelColor PropTypes.string "#ccc"
selectedLabelColor PropTypes.string "#fff"
badgeColor PropTypes.string "#dd463b"
badgeLabelColor PropTypes.string "#fff"
badgeLabelSize PropTypes.number 11
badgeColor PropTypes.string "#dd463b"
stateFunc PropTypes.func.isRequired Required. Pass in function to update state. Format: (tab) => {..}
activePage PropTypes.string.isRequired Required. Pass in active page.
tabs PropTypes.arrayOf Required. Pass in tab data

Props of tabs prop

Prop Type Info
page PropTypes.string Page name, e.g. "HomeScreen"
title PropTypes.string Can e.g. be shown in navbar
icon PropTypes.string Icon name of the Icon (Ionicons names)
iconText PropTypes.string Text of the icon (shown below the icon)
badgeColor PropTypes.string Other badge color for tab
badgeLabelColor PropTypes.string Other badge label color for tab
badgeNumber PropTypes.number Badge number (number shown in badge)

Example code

You can also find this example in the example folder.

import Tabbar from 'react-native-tabbar-bottom'

export default class exampleTabs extends Component {
  constructor() {
    this.state = {
      page: "HomeScreen",

  render() {
    return (
      <View style={styles.container}>
          // if you are using react-navigation just pass the navigation object in your components like this:
          // { === "HomeScreen" && <MyComp navigation={this.props.navigation}>Screen1</MyComp>}
        { === "HomeScreen" && <Text>Screen1</Text>}
        { === "NotificationScreen" && <Text>Screen2</Text>}
        { === "ProfileScreen" && <Text>Screen3</Text>}
        { === "ChatScreen" && <Text>Screen4</Text>}
        { === "SearchScreen" && <Text>Screen5</Text>}

          stateFunc={(tab) => {
            //this.props.navigation.setParams({tabTitle: tab.title})
              page: "HomeScreen",
              icon: "home",
              page: "NotificationScreen",
              icon: "notifications",
              badgeNumber: 11,
              page: "ProfileScreen",
              icon: "person",
              page: "ChatScreen",
              icon: "chatbubbles",
              badgeNumber: 7,
              page: "SearchScreen",
              icon: "search",

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  container: {
    flex: 1