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QR Code Fuzzer Toolkit for Green Pass Checkers - Computer & Network Security Course @ UniPD


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QR Code Fuzzer Toolkit for Green Pass Checkers and Smartphone Apps


In recent years, QR codes become popular for different applications such as Green Pass checking, used for COVID- 19 swab and vaccination verification. The personal QR code is scanned with a smartphone application that certifies whether the Green Pass is valid or not. Though, QR codes can be manipulated by adding malicious code inside the payload. Hence, we developed a toolkit, FuzzQR, for testing multiple QR codes in an automated way on a particular set of fuzzing strings that may crash the target app. In our experiments, we tested VerificaC19 on Android with 5 dictionaries of words containing symbols and ASCII characters. Our tests on 344 words showed that our toolkit correctly scanned 98.6% of the given QR Codes, with an average scan time of 3-4 seconds. Moreover, FuzzQR can be adapted for applications on both Android or iOS and custom dictionaries of fuzzing strings.

Advanced Topics in Computer & Network Security Course (prof. Mauro Conti) @ UniPD 2021-2022

Download the paper

You can find the paper of this project here: Download FuzzQR-Paper (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Build status

Python Checker

Installation and usage

Checkout each folder with the respective file for the instructions.

  • docs contains documentation on green passes and the paper of this project
  • extra contains extra script and git submodules of the used libraries



  • General bugfix
  • Moved old scripts inside /extra


  • Appium client and QR code visualizer are working
  • Test on new fuzzing dictionaries


  • QR Code fuzzer for the Android app using Appium
  • Fake Green Pass generator


Try to hack the QRCode library or operations before the sign checking

  • Analysis on QR Code Literature
  • General analysis on VerificaC19 app (on Android)
  • Script creation to generate malevolous QR codes


The extra tools and libraries used for this projects are inside extra/ folder. Credits are given to the respective authors.

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