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HTAccess Manager - Manage password-protected directories and users accesses directly from a Web Panel
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HTAccess Manager

screenshot htam


Manage password-protected directories and users accesses directly from a Web Panel.


  • Website with FTP access
  • PHP 7.x or superior
  • Permissions to read and write from a PHP script
  • Permission to use custom .htaccess


Navigate under Release and download the latest software named htam-panel-compact-*.zip


This software is pretty simple to install.

  1. Download ⬇ the compact version from the Download section above.
  2. Unzip and put the htam-panel.php into the directory you want to protect.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Go to Manage directory and click Create new .htaccess and/or .htpasswd file.
  5. Create a new user from Manage users and set it as administrator
  6. Navigate to Manage directory and hit Toggle directory protection
  7. Your directory is now protected! 😀

If you need, you can easily rename the .php file. You don't have to change any line of code.


  • Block access and add specific users to visit your online folder
  • Manage users with passwords and roles
  • Quickly enable or disable directory protection
  • Automatic creation and delete of the essential files (.htaccess, .htpasswd)
  • View current file and sub-directories protected by the script
  • Works with existing .htaccess file (it only appends / remove some particular lines to toggle the script)
  • Works both with Linux and Windows
  • 📱 Responsive lightweight design
  • ☕ Online updates checker
  • 😍 Built with Emoji!
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