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Server Remote Console (SA-MP)

Go to the Official SA-MP thread of this project

Version 1.1.1 has been released! Checkout the changelog in the Releases section.


Current Release: 1.1.1 (stable)

Release date: May 6, 2018

This web application written in PHP is a simple remote console to manage players and server activities. You can easily start & stop your server, once configured, and you can view server logs, server bans and server configuration as well as server advanced informations and player's list. Moreover, it is possible to kick or ban players directely from the web, send several rcon commands and enable a guest page with basic server informations, players' list and custom bulletins to inform your players about the server status. Finally, the installation is fully based on a Web Installer and it is easy to configure.

New Version 1.1


  • Easy configuration
  • No mysql database needed
  • Different types of configurations and personalization
  • [NEW] Easy and Quick Installation Wizard
  • [NEW] Guest page with server status and small players' list
  • [NEW] Status tracker with built-in exclusive bulletins
  • [NEW] Status bar with last 7/14/21/30 days bulletins
  • [NEW] Bulletins management (add/edit/delete/list)
  • Password protected area
  • Anti-spam protection for the login area
  • Simple Server Start (via SSH)
  • Simple Server Stop & Hard Stop (via RCON and SSH)
  • Restart / Next gamemode (via RCON)
  • Possibility to send several RCON commands directly from the Web
  • [NEW] View server bans and configuration
  • Direct access to server_logs.txt and quick reset (via SSH)
  • Advanced information panel about the server
  • Advanced player's list (with score, username, id and ping) and kick/ban options (via RCON)
  • [NEW] Emergency Block mode, in case of password theft
  • Bootstrap 4.0 coding and font-awesome icons
  • [NEW] Mobile & Desktop version

Features may be added in the future. Stay tuned.

Installation & Configuration

Please, use the wiki to install and configure the remote console.


The server remote console for SA-MP has been developed and coded by Maxel ( This project has started in 19/04/2018 and it is still supported.

Special thanks to StatusRed aka Edward McKnight for his plugin SA-MP Query and RCON API for PHP (originally developed by Westie) which is used in this project, as well as Wouter van Eekelen and Peter Beverloo for SA-MP Query server (Version 0.3) used for the guest page.
Bootstrap 4 and has been also used to make the HTML template and style of this website.