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Releases: Maxelweb/ServerRemoteConsoleSAMP

Server Remote Console 1.1.1 - Bugfixes

06 May 01:15
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This small update contains bugfixes and a few new features.


  • Fixed a critical issue for Linux caused by a function's name.
  • Fixed a bug in guest page that caused blank page after loading.
  • Fixed the placeholder text for rcon commands input.
  • Changed server-name/title length for the guest page from 24 to 32 characters.
  • Fixed a permission issue with restart gamemode and hard stop server.

New features

  • Added a confirm option when you click Hard Stop Server, used to prevent involuntary clicks.
  • Added a force start button besides normal start, used in case you run multiple sa-mp servers in the same host.
  • Added force installation (not recommended) used to bypass controls in SSH and RCON during installation. WARNING: if credentials are wrong, you won't be able to use some features.
  • Added more info about RCON not working correctly during the installation process (ex: use of rcon 1)

How do I update from 1.1?

To update, download the source code compressed directory and simply drag and drop the content to your Server Remote Console directory on your host. Configurations and Bulletins will be unchaged.

Should I update?

This update is recommended, but it is not necessary. Critical issues have been fixed one day after the 1.1 release, by reuploading the files correctly. If you use multiple server in your host, you should consider to update, as there are some new features properly made for you.

Enjoy 👍

Server Remote Console 1.1

02 May 23:50
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This is the second release of the Server Remote Console.
New features:

  • Different types of configurations and personalization
  • Easy and Quick Installation Wizard
  • Guest page with server status and small players' list
  • Status tracker with built-in exclusive bulletins
  • Status bar with last 7/14/21/30 days bulletins
  • Bulletins management (add/edit/delete/list)
  • Anti-spam protection for the login area
  • Simple Server Stop & Hard Stop (via RCON and SSH)
  • Possibility to send several RCON commands directly from the Web
  • View server bans and configuration
  • Advanced player's list (with score, username, id and ping) and kick/ban options (via RCON)
  • Emergency Block mode, in case of password theft
  • Mobile & Desktop version

To update to the new version you must delete the previous version and reinstall the software.

Server Remote Console 1.0

20 Apr 00:11
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This is the initial release of the Server Remote Console. Core features are:

  • Easy configuration
  • No mysql database needed
  • Multiple types of configuration based on needs
  • Password protected area
  • Simple Server Start (via SSH)
  • Simple Server Stop (via RCON)
  • Restart / Next gamemode (via RCON)
  • Possibility to send global message to ingame players (via RCON)
  • Direct access to server_logs.txt and quick reset (via SSH)
  • Advanced information panel about the server
  • Advanced player's list (with score, username, id and ping) and kick/ban options (via RCON)
  • Bootstrap 4.0 coding and font-awesome icons

For more updates, click "Check for updates" at the right end of the panel, after credits.