Simple desktop application written in C# (WPF) to manage a library.
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Library Manager

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It is an application to manage library (public or at home).




You need to install MS SQL Server to launch this application.

Default database settings:

  • Server: .\SQLExpress
  • Name: any (if it doesn't exist, will be created)
  • By default MS SQL Server uses Windows Authentication, so you don't have to enter credentials

If you try to log in for the first time using a new database, then your entered credentials will be used to create a new account.


  • Books database
  • Lending history
  • Users/clients database
  • Search client/book
  • Logging (support for multiple accounts with roles: administrator, employee)

To do:

  • Delays list
  • Settings
  • Statistics


You can use this code for learning purpose. If you want to use it for commercial, please contact with me: info