Mongowebstat. More convenient way to monitor your mongodb hosts. In browser, as many hosts as you want! Written in golang.
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It is obsolete, unfortunatelly :(


  • Monitor your mongodb in more convenient way.
  • Monitor as many mongodb hosts as you want!
  • Simple json based config.
  • Table based now and graphs in the nearest future!
  • Mongo 2.4.X compatibility. Older version are in plans.

Build from sources

Install golang:

Install dependency: go get ""

Compile your mongowebstat: go build main.go

Or just run it: go run main.go

Or use the compiled binary:

  • copy your platform binary from bin folder
  • put it in near static, templates folders
  • run it ./main-linux-386 on 8080 port or run it ./main-linux-386 -http=:8090 on 8090 or any other port.

Go to and monitor your mongodb!

Check out mongowebstat.json:

  • put connection string to "host" field
  • set "http" to true for http connection or false for direct connection
  • put some short node name to "name" field
  • use as many host records as you want!

It is made available under the Simplified BSD License

And remember!

See roadmap.txt