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The MAX32620FTHR board is a rapid development platform designed to help engineers quickly implement battery optimized solutions with the MAX32620 ARM® Cortex®-M4F microcontroller. The board also includes the MAX77650 SIMO Buck-Boost PMIC to provide optimal power conversion and battery management. The form factor is a small 0.9” by 2.0” dual row header footprint that is compatible with breadboards and off-the-shelf peripheral expansion boards. Two 8 bit GPIO header sockets are also provided. Additionally, on board are two RGB indicator LEDs, and two software accessible pushbuttons. This provides a power-optimized flexible platform for quick proof-of-concepts and early software development to enhance time to market.

Key Features

  • Compact Development Platform
    • 0.9” x 2.0” DIP Footprint
    • 30 Dual-Voltage GPIO
    • Four 10 bit Analog Inputs
    • +3.3V and +1.8V Supplies
  • MAX32620 Microcontroller
    • 96MHZ ARM Cortex-M4 with FPU
    • 2048KB Flash, 256KB SRAM
    • Full-Speed USB 2.0
    • SPI, I2C, UART, 1-Wire
    • 49 Dual-Voltage GPIO
    • 4 input 10 bit ADC
  • MAX77650 SIMO Buck-Boost PMIC
    • Smart Power Selector Charger
    • 3 Output Single Inductor Buck-Boost
    • 150mA Micro Iq Linear Regulator
    • Power On/Off Sequencing Controller
    • Analog Monitor Multiplexer
    • 3 Channel LED Current Sink Driver
    • Push Button Monitor
  • MAX17055 Fuel Gauge with ModelGauge m5 EZ
    • No Characterization required
    • Eliminates Coulomb Counter Drift
    • 7µA Operating Current
  • Expansion Connections
    • Breadboard Compatible DIP Headers
    • Two 8 bit GPIO Header Sockets
    • Battery Connector
    • Micro USB Connector
  • Integrated Peripherals
    • Two RGB Indicator LEDs
    • Two User Push-buttons
  • Programming/Debug Interface
    • Drag-and-drop USB Bootloader
    • MAXDAP Connector

Pinout Diagram

Port connectors with PMOD compatibility

Peripheral Interfaces


  • Fitness Monitors
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Sensor Hubs
  • Sports Watches
  • Wearable Medical Patches

Programming the MAX32620FTHR

The MAX32620FTHR can be programmed in 2 ways:

Native USB Bootloader

The MAX32620FTHR comes with a bootloader installed out-of-box. This allows the board to program itself without the need of an external adapter.

MAXDAP Programming Adapter

The MAX32620FTHR can be programmed with a MAXDAP adapter connected by a ribbon cable. This provides access to a UART and a CMSIS-DAP debug interface. Using this method will overwrite the bootloader on the MAX32620FTHR.

Programming with the Native USB Bootloader:
  • If you have never uploaded any application or just switched from Programming Port mode, simply connect the MAX32620FTHR to the host machine. Otherwise, once the board is plugged in, press and hold the Boot button (alternately known as User button), then press and release the Reset button. After the LED turns on, release the Boot button.
  • Select MAX32620FTHR(Native USB Port) under Tools->Board.
  • Verify and Upload any program(sketch).
Programming with a MAXDAP Programming Adapter:
  • Connect the MAXDAP adapter to the MAX32620FTHR with the ribbon cable provided.
  • Connect both the MAX32620FTHR and the MAXDAP adapter to host machine using two micro USB cables.
  • Select MAX32620FTHR(Programming Port) under Tools->Board.
  • Verify and Upload any program(sketch). This will overwrite the bootloader if it is present.
  • Press the Reset button to run the application.
Restoring the Bootloader:
  • Connect the MAXDAP adapter to the MAX32620FTHR as described in "Programming with a MAXDAP Programming Adapter".
  • Go to Tools and select Burn Bootloader.
  • Disconnect the MAXDAP adapter from the host machine and from the MAX32620FTHR.
  • Follow the steps described in "Programming with the Native USB Bootloader" to apply a new application.
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