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A GraphQL interface for the Docker API
TypeScript Dockerfile
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Docker GraphQL

A GraphQL interface for the Docker API


I've worked with the Docker API for the past 5 years and I've identified along the years how the different resources are architected / related with each other. I've never taken the time to get started seriously with GraphQL and I know the Docker API and how it could be better and easier to use. So, I thought this would be the perfect project to learn more about it and build something that matters.


Considering you have either Docker or Docker Desktop (I personally only tested that on macOS, I'll take time to test on Windows):

Running the project

  1. Clone the repository
  2. From the root of the project run yarn or npm install to install the required dependencies
  3. Run yarn start or npm run start to start the server. If you want to start the server for dev you can run yarn start:dev or npm run start:dev. This will start nodemon and the GraphgQL server and watch for file changes.

You can then access the GraphiQl interface by going to http://localhost:4000

The default the port is set to 4000, it can be overriden with the PORT environment variable.

The default server is set to be the docker unix socket at /var/run/docker.sock. This can be overriden with the BASE_URL environment variable.

All the constants in this project are defined in src/constants.ts.

Generating types from schema

This project relies on graphql-code-generator to generate types from the schema. To generate the types run yarn generate or npm run generate.

Run the project in a Docker container

This project contains a Dockerfile that can build an image to quickly run the project without having to install any local dependencies. To do so run the following at the root of the project (you can change the names of the image as you want):

  • docker build maximeheckel/docker-graphql .
  • docker run -it --name dockergraphql -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -p 8080:4000 maximeheckel/docker-graphql


  • Add all Docker types in schema
  • Implement resolvers for main Docker types
  • Ability to query related resources (i.e. query containers within a service etc) (IN PROGRESS)
  • Fully type the server (IN PROGRESS)
  • Support for filters in query based on the API spec
  • Write tests (I still need to figure out what is the proper way / strategy to test this server)
  • Dockerize the project for easy setup

Still under consideration:

  • Mutations: this project initially focuses on queries. Mutations were not a priority nor a motivation to start this project, hence they are not a priority yet.
  • Subscriptions: there might be a few use cases, but at this moment it is not a priority for this project.
  • Support for Kubernetes: the initial scope for this project was to wrap the Docker API, however supporting Kubernetes is not off the table.

Queries examples

Here are some queries that can be ran on this GraphQL server:

  • Listing services:
query {
  services {
    Spec {
  • Listing services with related tasks and containers:
query {
  tasks {
  containers {
  services {
    Spec {
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