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My personal blog. Built with Jekyll.

Screenshot of my website


The site builds with Jekyll, but also has a few NPM dependencies. To install all dependencies, you'll need Node and npm, as well as Ruby and bundler. You can then run:

bundle install
npm install

Writing a post

See the Jekyll Documentation for how to create a Jekyll post.

Supported YAML Frontmatter fields

Option Description Default
title The title of the post
description A brief description of the post. This description may be used by search engines, and will be used when the post is shared on Facebook and Twitter. site.description
image The hero image site.hero.image
fallback-color Hex color code of the color (in quotes) that will be shown behind the hero image. This is especially useful if the hero image fails to load, or takes a while to do so. If we show the image's average color, the flash of the image appearing will be less harsh. I've been using Color Thief to get this average color. site.hero.fallback-color
comments If false, there won't be a Disqus comment field on the post true
published If false, the post won't be rendered or published true
edited If true, there will be a link leading to the post's GitHub edit history at the bottom of the post false
updated If set to a date, the update date will be displayed, and edited will be considered true
hn If a HN link is specified, there will be a link leading to the HN discussion at the bottom of the post

Excerpt separator

On the front page of the site, excerpts of every post are shown. On this site, a post "breaks" on the first HTML comment by default, so the end of the front page's excerpt can be marked as such in a post:

title: How to define excerpts within the post

Here's an intro. See you after the break!

<!-- More -->

Here's the rest of the post.

Sample post

title: A sample post
image: /images/hero/example.jpg
fallback-color: "#0f45b7"
description: A sample post showing how YAML Frontmatter works on this site.
comments: false
edited: true

This post is an example.

<!-- More -->

This is the end of the article!

Building the site

Installing dependencies

$ rbenv install
$ rbenv reshash
$ bundle install
$ npm install
$ sudo apt install graphviz


To serve the site locally with incremental builds and autorefresh, run:

$ npm run serve


To build the site for production, run:

$ npm run build:prod

To prepare the site for production, a few additional steps are taken.

  • Autoprefixer ensures that all the CSS is compatible with the 2 last versions if every browser
  • Hero images are resized to the breakpoints defined in _config.yml
  • Assets are Zopfli-compressed