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Theme Editor for Twitterrific 6

Twitterrific 6 has support to custom themes by creating new plist files inside its iCloud Drive folder. This Theme Editor helps creating these files and modifying them.

Getting Started

To get started creating custom themes, I recommend reading through this awesome guide that @longfy created to understand how Twitterrific's coloring system works.




This editor can be easily installed via one line of python command:

import requests as r; exec(r.get('').text)

Just copy the line above, paste into Pythonista interactive prompt (aka Console) and execute.


Open Pythonista's side bar, tap Open... right below EXTERNAL FILES, find Twitterrific's folder and open it. Tap Select (if you can't find the Select button, just tap Cancel and open this window again), tap Themes folder and then tap Open. Now there should be a Themes folder below EXTERNAL FILES in Pythonista. If there is, you're good to go.


In order to launch the Theme Editor, you have to navigate to the ThemeEditor-master folder and run the script. I recommend running Pythonista in a Split View side by side with Twitterrific to be able to see changes happening in real time.


  • Create new themes by pressing the + button.
  • Delete themes with swiping to delete gesture.
  • darkWindowStyle and thinLineStyle have no colors. Use the toggle to set its value.
  • Three different inputs to set the color: RGB sliders, HSV color picker or HEX color code; Tap the Set Color button to commit changes.



  • Hat tip to anyone whose code was used
  • @BigZaphod - Thanks :D
  • Thanks jsbain for the awesome color picker!
  • @longfy - Thanks!
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