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@echo off
rem This example helper file may be used for showing
rem your current git branch and changes count in
rem the Far Manager prompt
rem Rename this file to 'git.cmd' and place somewhere in %PATH%
set TERM=msys
set check_br=NO
set git_fail=NO
rem If command may change working state - need check branch after...
for %%c in ("add","br","branch","checkout","co","commit","pull","push","rebase","stash") do if /I "%~1" == %%c set check_br=YES&goto cmd_checked
set ConEmuHooks=OFF
call "%~dp0..\bin\git" %*
if errorlevel 1 (
goto fail
) else (
goto done
set git_fail=YES
if NOT %check_br%==YES goto :EOF
if %git_fail%==YES (
set gitbranch=^>
"%ConEmuBaseDir%\ConEmuC.exe" /export=CON gitbranch
) else (
call "%~dp0GitShowBranch.cmd"