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Essential PH-1 BIOS splash

An AMIBIOS inspired boot splash for the Essential PH-1

How to install

fastboot flash splash splash.img

How to build

  • You need to have the Perfect DOS VGA 437 font installed
  • Open the .xcf file in GIMP and edit to your likings
  • Export as → Microsoft Windows bmp (.bmp)
  • Export to essential-splash.bmp
  • Export settings:
    • Don't write color space information
    • Choose 24 Bit R8 G8 B8 color space
  • Create splash.img with cat header.img essential-splash.bmp > splash.img


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The header.img (which was extracted from an official splash.img by Essential) as well as general directions were taken from this XDA thread by GokulNC, thanks a lot!