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Xposed mods for Google Play Music Android app
Java Kotlin
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XGPM -- *abandoned*

…mods for Google Play Music

This module adds a few modifications to the Google Play Music app. It allows you to

  • Customize the "Now playing" screen:
    • Tint icons with colors extracted from the cover with the help of the Palette API
    • Open the equalizer with a highly accessible button
    • Enable a completely new, XGPM custom design or
    • Resize covers to make less cropped & better visible
    • Remove the drop shadow from the cover view
  • Disable AdaptiveHome and bring back the old design
  • Enable hidden features
  • Customize the navigation drawer
  • Customize the available "My library" tabs
  • Show three columns of albums in many screens
  • Disable the audio focus by GPM
  • Replace any kinds of images in the app, e.g. covers and artist images


Project status

As I recently switched to Spotify, and University and other projects are taking up much of my time, I am abandoning this project. Additionally, with Google having released YT Music, I'm expecting that Google will gradually phase out GPM this or next year, so there is no reason to keep this app alive anymore.

If you want to contribute fixes/patches, I'll happily accept PRs though. Currently, most features still work, but e.g. the fancy NowPlaying screen has a lot of issues, especially in landscape.

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