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HassDroid - a Home Assistant Client for Android

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Getting Started

Build in terminal with ./gradlew assembleRelease or import into Android Studio and build there (recommended).


Model & UI

  • Android support libraries: Used for a lot of classes, views, etc.
  • Ason: A really awesome JSON library building on top of Android's integrated JSON classes.
  • Google Play services: Used for acquiring your location for the device_tracker feature and configuring the Wearable app.
  • Mapzen Lost: alternative location provider used in the F-Droid builds, replacing Google Play services.
  • JetBrains' Kotlin build tools and stdlib


  • OkHttp: Used for WebSocket integration in an elegant and fast way.

App signature

The official releases are signed with my personal keys, but gradle will use debug keys if the signing config/keys aren't found.






The format and some content of this comes from the home-assistant-iOS repository.