🔈 A screenreader for Neovim. Supports infix operator identification for Haskell and Scala, as well as Python 3 specific AST analysis for more intelligible reading. Awarded 1st place at the QUT Code Network Winter Hackathon 2017.
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neoreader is a screenreader for Neovim. It supports:

  • general infix operator identification:
    • -> is read as "stab" if interpet_generic_infix is enabled
  • language specific infix operator identification:
    • -> is read as "yields" if interpret_haskell_infix is enabled
  • dynamic pitch to indicate indentation level if speak_indent is enabled
  • spoken keypresses, completed word reading, auto line reading on line transition and Vim mode transition alerts
  • Python 3 specific AST analysis for more intelligible reading:
x = [i for i in range(1, 100) if 10 < i < 20]

is read as

L-value "x" assigned a list comprehension of "i", from a generator using "i" as an iterator, looping through "range" called with 2 arguments: 1 and 100, guarded by 10 is less than "i" is less than 20


neoreader requires Neovim with if_python3. If :echo has("python3") returns 1, then you're fine; otherwise, see below.

You can enable the Python 3 interface with pip:

pip3 install neovim

You must be using Python 3.6.

You may use macOS's Speech Synthesis API OR eSpeak.


For vim-plug, add

Plug 'MaxwellBo/neoreader'

to your configuration, and execute :PlugInstall.

Execute :UpdateRemotePlugins and restart Neovim.


nnoremap <Leader>q :SpeakLine<cr>
nnoremap <Leader>w :SpeakLineDetail<cr>
nnoremap <Leader>e :SpeakLineExplain<cr>
vnoremap <Leader>a :SpeakRange<cr>
vnoremap <Leader>s :SpeakRangeDetail<cr>
vnoremap <Leader>d :SpeakRangeExplain<cr>

" defaults
let g:enable_at_startup = 1
let g:interpet_generic_infix = 1
let g:interpret_haskell_infix = 0
let g:speak_brackets = 0
let g:speak_keypresses = 0
let g:speak_words = 1
let g:speak_mode_transitions = 0
let g:speak_completions = 0
let g:auto_speak_line = 1
let g:speak_indent = 0
let g:pitch_multiplier = 1
let g:speak_speed = 350
let g:use_espeak = 0
let g:speak_voice = ''

Helpful tipos

Using the command-line window (with q:, q/, and q?) will enable neoreader to assist in your command-line usage aswell.