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NymphRPC is a compact, C++-based Remote Procedure Call (RPC) library. Please see the example server and client implementations in the test folder to get an idea of how NymphRPC is integrated into an application.

The basic procedure is to define the RPC methods and client-side callbacks in the server, which the client will synchronise with when it connects to the server. There is no Domain-Specific Language (DSL) or auto-generated code.


Extensive documentation is provided in this PDF document. There is also Doxygen-generated documentation in the doc/ folder.

Planned ports

In addition to the current C++ implementation, an Ada version of the library is also planned.


NymphRPC's C++ version is based around the POCO library (see ). Version 1.5+ is required.

With the common C++ build tools installed (g++, make, etc.) and the optional OpenSSL dependency, building NymphRPC is done using:

make - Build just the library. Found under lib.This builds both a static and shared library.

make test-client - Build the test client.

make test-server - Build the test server.

make test - Build both the test client & server.

make clean - Remove the library's build files.

make clean-lib - Clean just the lib target.

make clean-test - Clean just the test target.

make clean-test-client - Clean just the test client.

make clean-test-server - Clean just the test server.

Android target

In order to compile for Android platforms, ensure that the Clang-based cross-compiler is accessible on the system PATH, and that libPoco has been compiled & made available. The use of the POCO-build project is recommended here.

With these dependencies in place, compiling for any of the specific Android platforms is done by adding any of the following behind the make command:

  • ANDROID=1 for targeting ARMv7-based (32-bit) Android.
  • ANDROID64=1 for targeting ARMv8-based (64-bit) Android.
  • ANDROIDX86=1 for targeting x86-based (32-bit) Android.
  • ANDROIDX64=1 for targeting x86_64 (64-bit) Android.


Use make install to install NymphRPC after building with make. This has been tested with MSYS2 (Windows) and Linux.

Installing the resulting libnymphrpc library on other platforms may have to be done by hand. On Linux one would copy the static library libnymphrpc.a and/or the shared library file to /usr/lib, and the header files to /usr/include or similar. Consult the documentation for your OS and development tools for more detailed instructions.

Windows note

On Windows platforms, only the use of static libraries is supported. No provisions have been made for shared libraries (DLLs) at this point in time.


Versatile and fast remote procedure call library.







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