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Author: Maya Posch

Date: 2018/01/27


NymphRPC is a compact, C++-based Remote Procedure Call (RPC) library. One can look at the example server and client implementations in the test folder to get an idea of how NymphRPC is integrated into an application.

Planned ports

In addition to the current C++ implementation, an Ada and C version of the library are also planned.


NymphRPC's C++ port is based around the POCO library (see ). It is recommended to download the full source from the website and compile it using the instructions to obtain the current version of POCO instead of an ancient one from a Linux distro repository.

With the common C++ build tools installed (g++, make, etc.) and the optional OpenSSL dependency, building NymphRPC is done using:

make lib - Build just the library. Found under lib.

make test-client - Build the test client.

make test-server - Build the test server.

make test - Build both the test client & server.

make clean - Clean all targets.

make clean-lib - Clean just the lib target.

make clean-test - Clean just the test target.

make clean-test-client - Clean just the test client.

make clean-test-server - Clean just the test server.


Installing the resulting libnymphrpc library has to be done by hand, currently. On Linux one would copy libnymphrpc.a to /usr/lib/ or similar, and the header files to /usr/include or similar. Consult the documentation for your OS and development tools for more detailed instructions.