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Simple HTTPd website hosting cloud init files for Rancher OS PXE booting.
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Have a quick read through Rancher's documentation on bare-metal booting with iPXE for context and background information.

With this repository, you only have to create your boot.cfg and cloud-init file and mount it to respective volumes in the docker-compose.yaml file. Start the stack and update your DHCP server to point to the boot filename and TFTP server.


  1. Set your DHCP server's client options to point to this Dockerhost's IP for FTFP server and specify bootfile rancheros.pxe.

  2. Modify the following files and the corresponding values for your specification.

File Value Notes
./ipxe/example/installer.pxe ${cloud-config.lab} Update this placeholder value to the IP of this host that his hosting the config-drive service.
./ipxe/example/installer.pxe {cloud-init-file.yaml} Update this placeholder value to the name of your desired cloud-init file for Rancher OS. This filename should match the same file hosted by config-drive : ./config-drive/configs/<cloud-init.yaml>
./config-drive/configs/<cloud-init.yaml> Cloud-init file values Refer to RancherOS documentation to construct your cloud-init file.
./docker-compose.yaml update volume mount reference ~ line 11 and ~ line 22 Update placeholder {/your/boot-cfg/data} and {/your/cloud-init/data} to a volume where you will store your cloud-init and boot config files.
  1. In this repository's directory, execute docker-compose up -d to start the stack.
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