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Seamless Wolfram-Alpha® in your OS X menubar.

“The menubar client is every bit as intuitive as the web interface, meaning it’s easy to use...” – The Next Web

“Nimble can handle pretty much anything you’d normally throw at Wolfram Alpha...” – Lifehacker

Notice of Deprecation

Nimble is deprecated as of June 2020. Within the current version are multiple privacy concerns (BugSnag bug reporting is on by default) and outdated dependencies. Really, we don't think you should run Nimble as it is today. If you must run it, compile it at your own risk following the development guide.


Electron and gulp required to be installed on your machine (npm install -g electron-prebuilt gulp), as well as the Xcode Command Line Tools. You'll also need a Wolfram Alpha API Key.

Clone the repository, install dependencies, then run gulp.

git clone

# cd into the directory and install dependencies
cd Nimble && npm install

Create src/js/key.json for your key.

{ "api": "KEY" }

Run electron in the project directory to get it up and running.

# Compiles Sass and starts (gulp && electron .)
npm start


If you'd like to package Nimble, you can use our Gulp task for building Nimble.

gulp build # packages and builds Nimble into a ZIP and a DMG
sh # clean build, reinstalls node modules and such

If you're bundling it, make sure to package it beforehand so that the .app exists for the disk image.


Want to make a contribution? Fork the repo, add your changes, and submit a pull request. Any type of contributions (ideas, bug fixes, fixing typos, etc.) will be appreciated!


Nimble is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0.