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Seamless Wolfram-Alpha® in your OS X menubar.

“The menubar client is every bit as intuitive as the web interface, meaning it’s easy to use...” – The Next Web

“Nimble can handle pretty much anything you’d normally throw at Wolfram Alpha...” – Lifehacker


Download Nimble, mount the .dmg, and move it to your Applications. You can open it by clicking on its menubar icon, or by using the Shift = hotkey.


Electron and gulp required to be installed on your machine (npm install -g electron-prebuilt gulp), as well as the Xcode Command Line Tools. You'll also need a Wolfram Alpha API Key.

Clone the repository, install dependencies, then run gulp.

git clone

# cd into the directory and install dependencies
cd Nimble && npm install

Create src/js/key.json for your key.

{ "api": "KEY" }

Run electron in the project directory to get it up and running.

# Compiles Sass and starts (gulp && electron .)
npm start


If you'd like to package Nimble, you can use our Gulp task for building Nimble.

gulp build # packages and builds Nimble into a ZIP and a DMG
sh # clean build, reinstalls node modules and such

If you're bundling it, make sure to package it beforehand so that the .app exists for the disk image.


Want to make a contribution? Fork the repo, add your changes, and submit a pull request. Any type of contributions (ideas, bug fixes, fixing typos, etc.) will be appreciated!


Nimble is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0.