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Christmas Game 2016

This is the repo for the Mayden Academy christmas game 2016.

API documentation

The game uses a very simple API, that follows some but not all of the REST principals. It is documented below:



The api endpoint expects the following JSON:

    action: x

The value of the action property will determin what the API does. Each action expects different data to execute. All actions will return the same data structure:

  success: BOOLEAN,
  message: 'String', // human readable information about the request
  data: {} // additional information about the request

Available action values are:


    action:    'createUser',
    userName:  'String',
    userEmail: 'String'

This action will create or update a user and return the following data object:

    curAttempt: Number, // Amount of attempts the user has tried
    uid:        Number // the users ID


    action:  'saveAttempt',
    uid:     Number, // the users ID
    time:    Number, // amount of time in seconds
    attempt: Number  // the number of attempts the user has made

This action will save the users game attempt and return the following standard response object with no additional data.


No data is required.

This action will return the top 5 users names and their times, longest play first, in the following data object:

    leaderboard: [
        name: 'String', // the users name
        time: Number    // the amount time that user played the game for before dying in seconds