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Mayeu's Beancount script

A collection of quick'n'dirty scripts I use for my accounting with beancount.

Since beancount is written in Python 3, all those script are only compatible with this version of Python.

On macOS you can install all the scripts via my homebrew tap:

$ brew install mayeu/mayeu/beancount-scripts


This script generate price transactions to the standard output for all the currency contains in your beancount files.


$ bean-extract-price my-transactions.beancount
2018-11-02 price EUR                    37.36450741740964078280492768 THB

2018-11-02 price EUR                    35.36842105263157894736842105 TWD

2018-11-02 price LKR                                  0.02 MYR

2018-11-02 price MYR                    7.168458781362007168458781362 THB

2018-11-06 price EUR                    37.32653325202801337842082894 THB

2018-11-08 price CHF                    0.8733024691358024691358024691 EUR

2018-11-11 price THB                    0.02679230769230769230769230769 EUR

2018-11-16 price EUR                    37.29386684962387591580701282 THB

2018-11-24 price EUR                    37.41488237173971828216032842 THB

2018-11-30 price SEK                    0.09707746478873239436619718310 EUR


GNU Affero General Public License version 3, Copyright (C) 2018 @Mayeu Matthieu Maury