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Javascript Realtime Reporting Engine

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== gigger ==

A javascript library for realtime monitoring of modern web applications.

= Authors =
Felix Kaser <>
Benedikt Grande <>

= Requirements = 
npm (comes with newer node versions)
faye ('npm install faye')

= Usage =
start the faye server: see 'gigger/server/README' for more details
include require.js in your webapp and add following snippet:

<script type="text/javascript" src="require.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
		// adapt the base url, where developerlib.js (and others) can be found
		baseUrl: "scripts",
		paths: {
			// adapt the path where the faye script is hosted (caveat: without '.js')
			"faye": ""
	require(["developerlib"], function(developerlib) {
		// adapt the path to the gigger server
		gigger = new developerlib.Gigger("");

you need to adapt the base url, the path to faye and the location where the
faye server is running.

you can now include the monitorlib in the same way in your monitor application
and start dispatching eventRequests. See gigger/monitor/monitor.html for some

== Build ==
if you want to have one file whith all modules in it you can build it. The
script to do this is shipped and can be used with node:
'node r.js -o scripts/'

To use the builded file you need to adapt the base path. Faye is not included
in the build, since our Faye server is hosting that file.
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