Puppet development environment with mocked nodes
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A vagrant environment to ease the pain of developing manifests & modules.


In order to use this you need the following directories (and appropriate sources ;):

  • manifests
  • modules
  • templates
  • files

Wether you git clone, ln -s or cp them doesn't matter.

Vagrant plugins

Install the vagrant-dns plugin.

gem install vagrant-dns

NOTE: OS X-only at the moment. :(

Ruby …

… meh. I recommend to use rvm with Ruby 1.9.2. The repository has an rvmrc.

rvm use 1.9.2 rvm gemset create vagrant rvm use 1.9.2@vagrant


  • Fix DNS on non-OS X platforms.

Using puppet-admin

Clone puppet-admin into your clone of puppet-env-ng.

$ git clone git@git.mayflower.de:puppet-admin.git

Link the directories from puppet-admin.

$ ln -s puppet-admin/manifests

$ ln -s puppet-admin/modules

$ ln -s puppet-admin/templates

$ ln -s puppet-admin/files

NOTE: You may need to gitsubmodule update --init in puppet-admin.

Running the machines

Mocking nodes

You can export VAGRANT_NODES with a comma separated list of node names.

$ export VAGRANT_NODES=foo,bar

$ vagrant up master

$ vagrant up foo

You can also do vagrant status to check that things are okay.

FIXME: Currently the ordering of VAGRANT_NODES is essential to assign IP addresses, don't change it if you have running VMs!

Start the master

Do this before you start any other VMs. ;)

$ vagrant up master