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Bounded Context: Organisation

Used for:

  • Login
  • Registration
  • Organisation administration


  • Top level entity
  • Organisations must have a founder: Organisation::getFounder()
  • Organisations have multiple members: Organisation::addMember(), Organisation::removeMember(), Organisation::getMembers()
  • Organisations have multiple system groups


  • The organisations founder is the founding user of an organisation -- Should be changeable
  • Founder has administrative rights (invite other members, disable members) -- Allow granting administrative rights to other members?


  • A member has a real name, a nickname, an email address and a password
  • Organisation members are allowed to create changelog entries for this organisation -- There is no reason they cannot be part of multiple organisations but doesn’t matter for the start

System Group

  • A system group has a name
  • A System Group has n number of changelog entries
  • A System Group has n Systems

Bounded Context: Changelog

Used for:

  • Displaying changelog entries
  • Creating new changelog entries

Changelog entry

  • Changelog entry consists of text, creation date (microtime!), the related System, the related System Group and the author of the entry
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