SF2 Hackday Würzburg 0412

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Hackday Würzburg April 2012

The Hackday will take place on April, 21st at Mayflower Würzburg (see on Google Maps). The event is free.

Please use the twitter hashtag #sf2hackday for all your pre-/live-postings. There's also a sharypic event page where you can pin your photos directly. It will also collect photos from twitter stream with #sf2hackday


Please edit the table (you need to have a GitHub account for doing this, so sign up anyway) below to announce yourself. Attention: if you can oversee that you won't manage to come to this hackday, please be so kind and remove yourself from the table in order to free the seat.

Currently there's a limit of 30 attendees (but we might extend it ;-) )!

# Who Contact Comment
1 Jérôme Gamez jerome@kreait.com -
2 David Werner david@kreait.com -
3 Lars Strojny lars.strojny@internations.org< -
4 Nadine Ritter nadine@kreait.com sorry, muss absagen
5 Timo Haberkern timo.haberkern@shift-up.de -
6 Christoph Hautzinger mail@hautzinger.info -
7 Andreas Hucks andreas.hucks@sensiolabs.de -
8 Eugen Mielke eugen.mielke@sensiolabs.de -
9 Freerich Bäthge freerich.baethge@sensiolabs.de da Simmer Dabei ;-)
10 Toni Uebernickel tuebernickel@gmail.com Muss leider kurzfristig absagen. Viel Spaß und Erfolg allen Teilnehmern!
11 Markus Tacker m@coderbyheart.de I am driving from Offenbach/Frankfurt to Würzburg on saturday an can offer a lift.
12 Dominik Liebler dominik.liebler@mayflower.de -
13 Kerstin Gebhardt kerstin.gebhardt@mayflower.de Leider doch nicht :(
14 Sebastian Knüll sebastian.knuell@webtrics.de -
15 Alberto Assmann alberto.assmann@mayflower.de -
16 Max Beutel max.beutel@internations.org -

Hackday sponsors, orga team

This hackday is brought to you by the folks of Mayflower GmbH & redtag.

Orga team is Björn Schotte and Michael Krieg. You can reach them at sf2hackday@mayflower.de

Project suggestions

This Hackday borrows a bit from Barcamps: project suggestions. If you plan to come, please suggest a project. We'll take the project names on a pinboard and vote at the beginning of the day which project teams will form to hack on a project. A project team should consist of at least 2 people. Pro Tip: you should choose a project idea that can be realized throughout roughly one day.

Here you can suggest your project:

project name suggested by comment
Domain Driven Design with Symfony 2 Lars Strojny ...
Be lazy, take everything. Integrating other 3rd party components with Symfony 2 Lars Strojny ...
SymfonyAmp @tacker Use PHP5.4 built in webserver to create an app to listen and organize local music. Enable sharing of music to friends running SymfonyAmp via IPv6 streaming or Bittorrent. Focus on TDD with built in server. Figure out how to built adhoc networks in LANs.
Modular Bundle Integration in Frontends @tacker How to provide a robust an generic way for bundles to integrate in parts of pages (e.g. "here is a a section where you may put your links"). Not necessarily for third party bundles but enough to enable a company wide eco-system of bundles.
Enhance LiquibaseBundle @thaberkern Enhance the existing version of the LiquibaseBundle (https://github.com/RtxLabs/LiquibaseBundle). Adding more Liquibase Features, better integration with Doctrine Entity classes...
... ... ...

Pre-configured setup

At the day, there will be some developer schwag. We'll also provide a USB stick with pre-configured VMs (PHP5, Symfony2, MySQL etc) so that you can hack right away. Of course you can choose to bring your own setup.

Schmoozing the evening before

The day before, there will be a Schmoozing event. If you plan to come on Friday, we reserved a table at L'Osteria (GoogleMaps) starting at 19:00 o'clock (just ask for the table for "Mayflower"). You pay on your own bill.

L'Osteria makes the biggest pizza you have ever seen!

If you need accomodation, we recommend Hotel Amberger (GoogleMaps) (rooms ca. 65 EUR/night).


There will be some short talks on opening regarding

  • Symfony1-Symfony2 migration
  • Doctrine2 with SF2
  • Scaling, Hosting and Hardening of SF2

There's a lunch break with lots of pizza gently provided by our sponsors. Also there will be plenty of coffee, soft drinks and snacks throughout the day. The day is limited to "open end" or until they throw us out from the office :-)

Time (ca) What
09:30 - 10:00 Welcome, Opening reception, setup
10:00 - 10:30 Short talks (5-10 min each) + project suggestions
10:30 - open end Hacking ;-) (pizza somewhere around 14:00)