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Remove WAP

Needless to say, after a rather long phone call with a certain powerful
agency, it's probably best I shuttered the service. At least I got to
learn how to handle huge SQL databases with millions of rows and how to
optimize things.
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Proplex committed Oct 23, 2013
1 parent 4ff5fd2 commit 4dc8d013f3883e1bf854bd507471436068e90af7
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@@ -43,15 +43,6 @@
"software": "foolfuuka",
"boards": ["c", "w", "wg"],
"files": ["c", "w", "wg"]
}, {
"uid": 12,
"name": "FapArchive",
"domain": "",
"http": true,
"https": true,
"software": "foolfuuka",
"boards": ["adv", "b", "cm", "d", "e", "h", "hc", "lgbt", "pol", "r", "s", "s4s", "soc", "trv", "u", "y"],
"files": ["b", "cm", "d", "e", "h", "hc", "pol", "r", "s", "s4s", "soc", "u", "y"]
}, {
"uid": 7,
"name": "Install Gentoo",

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