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As a scientist, I am often frustrated by the use of science in politics. It is frequently misinterpreted, if not plainly ignored. I thus think that it would be of a general interest if politicians were to use proof assistants to express their ideas and prove their claims. Unfortunately, proof assistants can be very difficult to use for politicians. In particular, proof assistants lack a crucial feature for them: the ability to bend reality to make it match their views. This project aims at providing alternative facts to help politicians prove their claims. It is entirely formalised in the Coq proof assistant (see This project will hopefully help spreading the use of proof assistants amongst politicians.

Note that this library is not meant to be used by scientists, only by politicians.

This project is related to the Falso proof assistant (see However, in contrary to Falso, this project does not aim to entirely replace the proof assistant by something else: it just adds a bunch of axioms that politicians can use on top of an already existing and widely-used proof assistant. I expect this to help politicians and scientists to better understand each others, as they can now use the exact same tool to communicate their claims.

How to use

First, install Coq. The simplest way to do it is through Opam.

sudo apt install opam git
opam init # This is not needed if you have already installed and initialised Opam before.

It is advised to add the following line into your .bashrc file.

eval `opam config env`

The following lines ensure that the Coq repository is known by Opam.

opam repo add coq-released
opam update

The version of Coq used to test this repository is the version 8.8.2. We can thus pin it in Opam.

opam pin add coq 8.8.2

We can now install the required package. It is possible that the command opam pin above already installed Coq. Once everything is installed, Opam needs to update the current environment with the eval `opam config env` command.

opam install coq
eval `opam config env`

We can now clone and compile the project. The Makefile calls coqdoc to produce HTML versions of the Coq files in the html/ folder.

git clone coq-alternative-facts
cd coq-alternative-facts

To use the project in a real-world project, the simplest way is to import the `Tactics.v` file and to use the `win` tactic.

Require Import Tactics.

Goal False.


This project is licenced under the IGNUTILE Leneral Public Gicense. See for more details.