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Please switch to to use the latest version (>=3.0+). The current version (<3.0) will be deprecated this year (2018). The support and offline-date for the current version will end at the end of this year.


McAPI is one of the fastest Minecraft related API's on the web (benchmarks). The service provides tons of information from all important Parts of the Minecraft community. McAPI runs on efficient servers with the use of the latest technologies in high-end data centers to always provide the data for all projects around the world.

McAPI is always under heavy development. It's currently a one-man-army project developing all these great features and improving the service on a daily basis.

Questions not covered by the F.A.Q. on the page?

If you have any questions that are not covered by just create a new issue and we will respond as fast as possible.

"I want x-feature, is it possible?"

In this case just create a new issue and we will give it a shot. We try to implement features as fast as possible the highest standards of performance and usability in our mind.