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Protocol Documentation


If you create a new connection to a server which is using the Pipeline, the server will immediately return a packet with the following syntax.

PIPELINE {version} {key}
  • PIPELINE --> Is just a string without any significance.
  • {version} --> Is the used plugin version.
  • {key} --> Is the key that you've to use to identify yourself, in the current session. The {key} will expire as soon as the session is closed.
Your Response

You have to resspond to the server with a message. The message should be a JSON-String containg the following data:

  • {signature} is a HMAC-SHA256 digest of the payload with the signature provided by the owner.
  • payload contains a JSON-encoded string with a key attribute that contains the session key.
Pipeline Response

The Pipeline will respond with two packets.

  1. This package contains a JSON-String with only one attribute called "length". - This gives you the total length of the upcoming package. The length is in bytes. {"length":2213}

  2. This package contains the real requested data.