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;;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; License: LGPL-2.1+ (See file 'Copyright' for details).
;;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; (c) copyright 2002 by Gilbert Baumann
;;; (c) copyright 2017-2020 by Daniel Kochmański
;;; (c) copyright 2018-2020 Jan Moringen <>
;;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Launcher application for various demos and graphical tests.
(in-package #:clim-demo)
(defun make-demo-button (title demo-frame-class)
(make-pane 'push-button
:label title
(let ((frame nil))
(lambda (gadget)
(let ((calling-frame (gadget-client gadget)))
(cond ((null frame) ; I broke this logic, sorry.. -Hefner
(setq frame
:calling-frame calling-frame))))
(destroy-frame frame))))))))
(defun run-demo (name &key background)
"Coerces `name' into symbol in package `clim-demo' and runs application
denoted by this symbol."
(let ((frame (make-application-frame
(find-symbol (string-upcase (string name))
(find-package "CLIM-DEMO")))))
(if background
(bt:make-thread (lambda () (run-frame-top-level frame))
:initial-bindings `((*default-server-path* . ',*default-server-path*)))
(run-frame-top-level frame))
(defgeneric display (frame pane)
(:documentation "Generic method meant to be specialized at least on
the first argument to avoid creating too many functions with similar
(define-application-frame demodemo ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(vertically (:equalize-width t)
(labelling (:label "McCLIM Demos"
:text-style (make-text-style :sans-serif :roman :huge)
:align-x :center))
(horizontally ()
(labelling (:label "Demos")
(vertically (:equalize-width t)
(make-demo-button "CLIM-Fig" 'clim-demo.clim-fig:clim-fig)
(make-demo-button "Calculator" 'clim-demo.calculator:calculator-app)
(make-demo-button "Method Browser" 'method-browser)
(make-demo-button "Address Book" 'clim-demo.address-book:address-book)
(make-demo-button "Puzzle" 'puzzle)
(make-demo-button "Colorslider" 'clim-demo.colorslider:colorslider)
(make-demo-button "Logic Cube" 'logic-cube)
(make-demo-button "Checkers" 'clim-demo.checkers:clim-checkers)
(make-demo-button "Gadget Test" 'gadget-test)
(make-demo-button "D&D Translator" 'drag-test)
(make-demo-button "Draggable Graph" 'draggable-graph-demo)
(make-pane 'push-button :label "Font Selector"
(lambda (gadget)
(let ((frame (gadget-client gadget)))
(format *trace-output* "~&You chose: ~A~%"
(select-font :calling-frame frame)))))
(make-demo-button "Tab Layout" 'clim-demo.tabdemo:tabdemo)
(make-demo-button "Summation" 'summation)
(make-demo-button "German Towns" '
(make-demo-button "Data Graph Toy" 'graph-toy)
(make-demo-button "Traffic lights" 'traffic-lights)
(make-demo-button "Image Transform" 'clim-demo.image-transform-demo:image-transform-demo)
(make-demo-button "Selection (clipboard)" 'selection-demo)
(make-demo-button "DND various" 'clim-demo.drag-and-drop-example:dnd-commented)
(make-demo-button "File manager" 'clim-demo.file-manager:file-manager)
(make-demo-button "Stopwatch" 'clim-demo.stopwatch:stopwatch)))
(labelling (:label "Tests")
(vertically (:equalize-width t)
(make-demo-button "Stream test" 'stream-test)
(make-demo-button "Label Test" 'label-test)
(make-demo-button "Table Test" 'table-test)
(make-demo-button "Scroll Test" 'Scroll-test)
(make-demo-button "List Test" 'list-test)
(make-demo-button "Option Test" 'option-test)
(make-demo-button "HBOX Test" 'hbox-test)
(make-demo-button "Text Size Test" 'text-size-test)
(make-demo-button "Drawing Benchmark" 'drawing-benchmark)
(make-demo-button "Border Styles Test" 'bordered-output)
(make-demo-button "Misc. Tests" 'clim-demo.misc:misc-tests)
(make-demo-button "Render Image Tests" 'render-image-tests)
(make-demo-button "Drawing Tests" 'clim-demo.drawing-tests:drawing-tests)
(make-demo-button "Pixmaps" 'clim-demo.pixmaps:pixmaps)
(make-demo-button "Accepting Values Test" 'av-test)
(make-demo-button "Frame Icon and Name Test" 'clim-demo.names-and-icons:frame-sheet-name-test)
(make-demo-button "Tracking Pointer test" 'tracking-pointer-test)
(make-demo-button "Sheet geometry" 'clim-demo.sheet-geometry:frame)))
(labelling (:label "Regression Tests")
(vertically (:equalize-width t)
(make-demo-button "Image viewer" 'image-viewer)
(make-demo-button "Coordinate swizzling"
(make-demo-button "Scroll Test 2" 'Scroll-test-2)
(make-demo-button "Tables with borders" 'table-demo)
(make-demo-button "Menu Test" '
(make-demo-button "Drag and Drop" 'dragndrop)
(make-demo-button "Pane hierarchy viewer" 'clim-demo.hierarchy:hierarchy)
(make-demo-button "Patterns, designs and inks" 'clim-demo.patterns:pattern-design-test)
(make-demo-button "Flipping ink" 'flipping-ink)
(make-demo-button "Overlapping patterns" 'patterns-overlap)
(make-demo-button "Text transformations" 'text-transformations-test)
(make-demo-button "Text multiline positioning" 'text-multiline-positioning)
(make-demo-button "SEOS baseline and wrapping" 'seos-baseline)
(make-demo-button "Indentation" 'indentation)
(make-demo-button "Presentation translators" 'clim-demo.presentation-translators-test:presentation-translators-test)
(make-demo-button "Graph formatting" 'clim-demo.graph-formatting-test:graph-formatting-test)
(make-demo-button "Asynchronous commands" 'clim-demo.execute-frame-command:homogenous)
(make-demo-button "Frame reinitialize" 'clim-demo.reinitialize-frame:example-frame))))))))
(defun demodemo ()
(run-frame-top-level (make-application-frame 'demodemo)))
(define-application-frame hbox-test ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(horizontally ()
(make-pane 'push-button :label "Okay"
:width '(50 :mm))
(make-pane 'push-button :label "Cancel")
(make-pane 'push-button :label "Help")
(define-application-frame table-test ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(tabling (:background +red+)
(list (make-pane 'push-button :label "Last Name" :max-height +fill+)
(make-pane 'push-button :label "First Name" #||:max-height +fill+||#))
(list (make-pane 'push-button :label "C 1 0")
(make-pane 'push-button :label "C 1 1"))))))
(defun make-label-test-column (title label content)
(flet ((make-label (align-x align-y)
(let ((alignment-text (format nil "~S" (list align-x align-y)))
(text-style (make-text-style :sans-serif :roman :normal)))
(macrolet ((frob (label &body contents)
`(labelling (:label ,label
:align-x align-x
:label-alignment align-y
:foreground +white+
:background +paleturquoise4+
:text-style text-style)
(ecase content
(:child (frob label
(make-pane 'push-button :label alignment-text
:text-style text-style
:max-width 1000
:max-height 1000)))
(:alignment (frob alignment-text))
(:label (frob label)))))))
(labelling (:label title)
(vertically (:spacing 5 :equalize-width t)
(make-label :left :top)
(make-label :center :top)
(make-label :right :top)
(make-label :left :bottom)
(make-label :center :bottom)
(make-label :right :bottom)))))
(define-application-frame label-test ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(vertically (:equalize-width t)
(labelling (:label "CLIM Label Tests"
:align-x :center
:text-style (make-text-style :sans-serif :roman :huge)))
(9/10 (horizontally (:equalize-height t)
;; Please keep the silly "good" so the label text goes
;; below the baseline. -- jm 2019-12-14
(1/4 (make-label-test-column
"Labels with content" #1="Some good label" :child))
(1/4 (make-label-test-column
"Labels without content" #1# :alignment))
(1/4 (make-label-test-column
"Multi-line w/ content"
#2=#.(format nil "Multi-line~%label")
(1/4 (make-label-test-column
"Multi-line w/o content" #2# :label))))))))
(defclass foo-pane (basic-pane)
(defmethod compose-space ((pane foo-pane) &key width height)
(declare (ignore width height))
(make-space-requirement :width 800
:height 1e3))
(defmethod handle-repaint ((pane foo-pane) region)
(draw-line* pane 50 50 200 50)
(multiple-value-bind (x1 y1 x2 y2) (bounding-rectangle* region)
(declare (ignore x1 x2))
(let ((k 20))
(loop for y from (* k (floor (- y1 10) k)) below (+ y2 10) by k do
(draw-text* pane (format nil "~D" y) 20 y)))))
(define-application-frame scroll-test
() ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(scrolling (:width 400 :height 400)
(make-pane 'foo-pane)))))
;;; Scroll test 2
(define-application-frame scroll-test-2 ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(:geometry :width 1200 :height 400)
(:panes (out :application-pane :display-function #'scroll-test-display)
(bam :application-pane :display-function #'scroll-test-display)
(foo :application-pane :display-function #'scroll-test-display)
(qux :application-pane :display-function #'scroll-test-display))
(:layouts (default
(horizontally ()
(labelling (:label "bam") (scrolling () bam))
(labelling (:label "foo") (scrolling () foo))
(labelling (:label "qux") (scrolling () qux))))))
(defmethod scroll-test-display ((frame scroll-test-2) pane)
(flet ((draw-rectangle (x1 y1 x2 y2)
(draw-rectangle* pane x1 y1 x2 y2
:filled nil
:ink +red+
:line-thickness 3
:line-dashes t)
(draw-point* pane x1 y1 :line-thickness 7 :ink +blue+)
(draw-point* pane x2 y2 :line-thickness 7 :ink +blue+)
(draw-text* pane (format nil "(~s, ~s)" x1 y1)
(+ x1 5) (+ 5 y1)
:align-x :left
:align-y :top)
(draw-text* pane (format nil "(~s, ~s)" x2 y2)
(- x2 5) (- y2 5)
:align-x :right
:align-y :bottom)))
(when (member (pane-name pane) '(bam qux))
(draw-rectangle -100 -100 +100 +100))
(when (member (pane-name pane) '(foo qux))
(draw-rectangle +300 +300 +500 +500))))
(define-application-frame list-test ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(substring :text-field :value "inter"
(lambda (pane value)
((frame (gadget-client pane))
(result-list (find-pane-named frame 'result-list)))
(setf (list-pane-items result-list)
(apropos-list value :clim #+sbcl t)))))
(make-pane 'list-pane
:value 'region-intersection
:items (apropos-list "inter" :clim #+sbcl t)
:presentation-type-key (constantly 'list-test-symbol)
:name-key #'string-downcase))
(interactor :interactor :height 200))
(vertically ()
(labelling (:label "Matching symbols")
(scrolling (:height 200)
(spacing (:thickness 4)
(define-presentation-type list-test-symbol ())
(define-list-test-command com-describe-symbol
((sym list-test-symbol :gesture :select))
;; Let's print only three lines, we don't have space for more.
(with-input-from-string (s (with-output-to-string (s) (describe sym s)))
(dotimes (x 3)
(write-line (read-line s nil "") *standard-input*))))
(define-application-frame option-test ()
(:menu-bar nil)
(:panes (option-pane-1 :option-pane
:value 1
:items '(1 2 3 4 6 7)
:value-changed-callback (constantly nil))
(option-pane-2 :option-pane
:value "Option 1"
:items '("Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3" "Option 4" "Option 6" "Option 7")
:value-changed-callback (constantly nil)))
(labelling (:label "Option panes example")
(vertically ()
(1/2 option-pane-1)
(1/2 option-pane-2))))))
(format t "~&;; try (CLIM-DEMO:DEMODEMO)~%")