CLX backend(s)

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CLX backend depends on xserver running. It is possible to use McCLIM on Windows, but xserver has to be installed. It is reported to work with cygwin (with some kludges):

Most things appear to be OK under sbcl/win64 1.3.8 and cygwin/x11; the key steps to make it work:

  1. run sbcl with DISPLAY=localhost:0 to avoid fallback
  2. run startxwin -- -listen tcp
  3. in an xterm run: xhost +localhost
  4. continue from cerror "McCLIM was unable to configure itself automatically using fontconfig..."
  5. run (clim-demo::demodemo)
  6. when prompted, continue with "Retry with alternate truetype font path" and provide c:/cygwin/usr/share/fonts/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf path

Playing with mirroring configuration

Based on @gas2serra work we have factored code which allows testing code with various mirroring configurations. :full means that each pane is mirrored (default), single means, that only top-level-sheet is mirrored and random is a testing function which picks panes to mirror randomly (but top-level-sheet-pane is always mirrored).

(ql:quickload :clim-examples)
(let ((clim:*default-server-path*  '(:clx :mirroring :full)))

(let ((clim:*default-server-path*  '(:clx :mirroring :single)))

(let ((clim:*default-server-path*  '(:clx :mirroring :random)))


Also created by @gas2serra backend working on top of a frame-buffer. Warning – very slow, but its a working proof of concept:

(ql:quickload :clim-examples)
(let ((clim:*default-server-path*  '(:clx-fb)))