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McCann Deployer

Python library and command-line application for executing processes on the various system environments. The application itself relies heavily on Fabric, python's command-line tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks.

Written by Adam Gschwender <> at McCann-Erickson.


  • python >= 2.4
  • fabric == 1.4.3


The installation can be performed by running the following command:

$ python install

It can also be installed via its egg at:


Executing arbitrary commands on remote servers:

$ remotedeploy execute:ls
$ remotedeploy execute:"ls && pwd"
$ remotedeploy execute:"uname -a"
$ remotedeploy execute:"echo \"HELLO WORLD\""

Executing ant commands on remote servers:

$ remotedeploy ant:test
$ remotedeploy ant:"test dist"
$ remotedeploy ant:test,environment=dev

Syncing code source to remote servers:

$ remotedeploy sync

Syncing output back to local server:

$ remotedeploy localsync
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